Conference Theme


Thriving on globalized standardization/adaptation paradigm


2020 Winter Global Business Conference in Tignes (France) primarily aims at understanding the key issues for thriving on globalized standardization/adaptation paradigm. The world is increasingly becoming a global village: people are traveling more than ever; Internet and other developments of communication technologies enable instantaneous access to information; companies compete in international environments. As a result, culture merges toward a few “generic types”. However, an argument can be made that the world has grown in diversity: new countries are developed; markets are merged and divided; subcultures are developing; political-economical unions are gaining new members and losing old; people feel threatened by globalization thus strongly acting to preserve their existing cultural values. So, the question of standardization/adaptation grows in importance: should there be global players competing on all markets or will niche players create greater value and greater profits. Dealing with global markets and diverse audiences presents a problem of great importance for both academics and practitioners.


This conference provides an opportunity for an interdisciplinary take on this issue. We provide some ideas on what your research can focus (see Conference Tracks). However, list is just indicative but not exhaustive – so we welcome also ideas that are not covered by our suggestions. Besides its interdisciplinarity, this conference wants to provide a platform for constructive dialogue on these important issues between academia and practice. We welcome diverse contributions: conceptual and empirical; abstracts and full papers; research in early stages and fully completed papers.


Conference welcomes both theoretical and empirical contributions that discuss important issues in their field and how these issues relate to business challenges in global economy. We look toward opening up discussion of new ideas that are likely to shape future business and academic landscapes.


Please click here to download call for papers in PDF.