Conference Theme


Questioning the Widely-held Dogmas


6th Annual Winter Global Business Conference 2018 in Tignes (France) primarily aims at understanding the key issues of questioning the widely-held dogmas in global and local businesses. Given that the companies results mostly stemmed from the widely-held dogmas of doing business, the goal of the conference is to provide a platform for discussions regarding “truths” in different fields. How did these “truths” come into being? Do they hold only under certain contingencies? Which assumptions underlie these “truths”? What if the “truth” is false? As it seems impossible to ignore that the well-known “truths” have led us to a quasi-functioning economic system, the question is – what should we think of differently at macro and at micro levels?


This conference provides an opportunity for an interdisciplinary take on this issue. We provide some ideas on what your research can focus (see Conference Tracks). However, list is just indicative but not exhaustive – so we welcome also ideas that are not covered by our suggestions. Besides its interdisciplinarity, this conference wants to provide a platform for constructive dialogue on these important issues between academia and practice. We welcome diverse contributions: conceptual and empirical; abstracts and full papers; research in early stages and fully completed papers.


Conference welcomes both theoretical and empirical contributions that discuss important issues in their field and how these issues relate to business challenges in global economy. We look toward opening up discussion of new ideas that are likely to shape future business and academic landscapes.


Please click here to download call for papers in PDF.